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Welcome to Yengage online, Yenepoya Education e-learning and institutional repository.

If you are student or a faculty you may access Yengage using your credentials anytime anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity. However please note to use the correct link based on from where you are accessing the Yengage.

If are accessing the Yengage Portal

  • from within the Yenepoya University Campus including the hostels, please use this link. This link provides better connection speed, performance and reliability without the usage of internet bandwidth.
  • from the web as you are away from YU Campus, i.e from your home using the this link

Please note you can also access Yengage using your mobile phones and handheld devices.
Please contact Informaiton Technology section, if you encounter any technical issue accessing the portal.

If you dont have Yengage account, please apply for new account, its free.

Information Technology Section.

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