Center for Yoga and Wellness


Yoga for human wellbeing


To promote Yoga Education, Training, Therapy and Research


  • To promote the philosophy, science and art of Yoga
  • To provide facilities for training and appraise on its therapeutic uses
  • To initiate research on the benefits of Yoga practice
Yoga training specially focuses on:
  • Foundation Yoga Course for fitness and wellness
  • Chandrayana Vrata (full moon to full moon Yogic Tapas for Weight loss)
  • Stress Management skills through Yogic practice
  • Yogic intervention and therapy for diabetic, hypertension and life style disorders
  • Yoga for women's wellbeing, especially for beauty consciousness, PCOD/PCOS, Thyroid problem, menstrual issues. Pre natal and Post natal
  • 20 minutes Pranayama and Relaxation techniques training for Concentration and Memory

Highlights of Training

  • Free Consultation and Personalized Training
  • During the training Yogic Kriyas, Yogasanas, Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditation technique will be taught
  • Flexible timings according to convenience ( Monday to Friday)
  • First 5 days free trial class
  • Separate practice place facility for Ladies

Yoga Training Service

Venue:Centre for Yoga and Wellness, 1st floor Nursing College Building, Deralakatte


Kushalappa Gowda

Phone No: 08242206000, 9845588740

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