Centre for Environmental Studies


The Centre for Environmental Studies established in 2014 has gloriously developed over the years and is making significant contribution in the field of environmental protection with the keen focus on environmental education, research and extension activities. It envisages sustainable environmental practices, contributing to protection and propagation of the environment. Higher educational institutions depend on environmental management systems to improve their performance, reduce costs and making students more socially responsible towards sustainability issues.


To ensure environmental safety and sustainability through environmental education in action.

  • To encourage participation in environmental “action” projects.
  • To develop responsible values and attitudes toward the environment.
  • To develop sustainable skills and practices for environmental protection.
  • To promote environmental awareness in society
  • To educate students and make them critical and sensitive to solving environmental problems.
  • To support and protect biodiversity.
  • To conduct research on community-based environmental problems and disseminate solutions.
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