Yenepoya Research Centre

Yenepoya Research Centre (YRC) was established in 2008 in Yenepoya University.YRC strives towards strengthening the research activities, establishing the research facilities and building capacity among students and research scholars. The centre has the major aim of engaging in high-quality research activities in the interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary areas and training human resource to take up research studies to meet contemporary challenges.

The research centre has been nurturing several PhD scholars, with alumni having placements in established national and international organizations. In fulfilling its objectives, it has established a state of the art facilities for carrying out research in the forefront areas of proteomics, molecular medicine, stem cell and regenerative medicine. The centre with its internationally trained faculty having multidisciplinary expertise is involved in research and training in emerging areas of the biomedical field.

Research areas

Biotechnology, Toxicology, Cancer Therapeutics, Stem cells and regenerative medicine, Bioinformatics, Nanobiotechnology, Genetics and molecular biology, Infectious diseases, Neuropharmacology, Polymers for drug design, Application of statistics in research, Image analysis and machine learning, Omics technologies and molecular diagnosis, Cell signalling, Disease biology, Systems biology, Molecular medicine and Novel biomarkers.

Facilities available
  • Mass Spectrometer for proteomic (Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid)
  • Mass Spectrometer for MRM (AB SCIEX QTRAP 6500 – ACA Mass Spectrometer)
  • Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter (FACS S3e cell sorter- Bio-Rad)
  • Guava easy Cyte Flow Cytometer with two laser and six colours
  • RT- PCR / Regular Thermocycler
  • Gel Documentation system, multimode multiwall plate readers, spectrophotometers
  • CO2 incubators
  • Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet of various capacities
  • Ultra - High Performance Liquid chromatography System (U-HPLC SYSTEM)
  • Advanced microscope and imaging systems
  • Ultra deep freezers and other laboratory equipments
  • Animal housing facilities (with IVC system)/ essing/histology and immunohistochemistry facilities
Value added courses
  • Short term course in Cell Culture Techniques
  • Short term course in Research Grant Proposal Writing
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