Student Council

Presence of Student Council and its activities for Institutional development and student welfare:

Yenepoya (Deemed to be University) has constituted student council and also constituent unit-wise student councils. The members of these councils are nominated by the students based on their academic performance, aptitude for organizing co-curricular/extra-curricular activities and communication skills. The council has positions like President, Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers. The Council members involve in promoting , extra-curricular activities such as sports, cultural, literary events, NSS, orientation programs and co-curricular activities viz., quiz competitions, health and hygiene camps at outreach areas, environmental awareness programs and anti-ragging and gender sensitization programs. Student Councils organize important National and International days/weeks of relevance. The students have received National Award by the UGC for the short film on Anti-ragging which is a testimonial of the student’s involvement.

Student Nurses Association (SNA):

It is under TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India). This Association is a union of students headed by SNA President to facilitate all round development of students and accredit them to join TNAI.

Kara Seva:

This initiative undertakes screening and prevention of common diseases for students in Government Schools by delivering talks on menstrual hygiene, Good touch and bad touch covering 3326 students from 28 schools. This organization has adopted a Government rural primary school. The members are involved in managing the natural disasters in Kerala and Karnataka.


Is a subsidiary organization by the students and student councils with units of Medicine, Palliative Care and Blood Bank. The beneficiaries are poor inpatients of Yenepoya Medical College Hospital. Paediatric play area is managed by Samraksha. Students organize entertainment programs and games in the wards of Palliative care involving these patients. Orphanage/old age home visits are also undertaken. “Art for charity” is one such programme conducted each year by Samraksha for fundraising to support the poor and needy patient.

Visual Art Club, “Group Aesthete”:

It is a platform for exhibiting painting and photography skills. Some of the event organized are “Tiger dance face painting” and “Photography and its nuances” Encircle: Student members of Encircle club participate in the discussion to embed ethical values in health care.

Observation of Days:

The student councils organize and participate in debate, quiz, social events, medical art shows, seminars, and drawing competitions during observations of Water Day, World Ozone Day, World Environmental Day, Vanamahosthava etc. The student councils organize adventure camp, self-protection training programs and Yoga and wellness camps. Students also participate in cultural and National Integration camp, Youth Red Cross and village adoption programs.

Cancer Awareness Outreach Program:

It is an event to create community awareness through National Service Scheme (NSS) and students from all units of the University participate regularly in this programme. The objective is to train NSS Volunteers, NSS Programme officers ASHA and Anganwadi workers in early detection of common cancers. The Student Councils as part of UGC’s guidelines are hence involved in imparting academic and non academic activities for holistic development of students to prepare them to face the professional and societal challenges.

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