Feb 9, 2024

For the first time in India A supra major surgery done in  a 9 year old child successfully  at Yenepoya medical College by Dr. Jalaluddin Akbar and his team by removing more than 40 cancer deposits in the lung in a surgery that lasted 10 hours and with full recovery of the child by 9 days.

From 9th month of her life she suffered from cancer in 4 different parts of the body, eye, thigh bone, Intestine & lung. She was treated for eye cancer at Arvind hospital Madurai and centre for sight Hyderabad at 9th month of age. For the bone tumor in the thigh she was treated in Lake shore hospital Kochi & SVT hospital Trivandrum in the year 2021.

In the Year 2022 she was treated in Kochi for lung secondaries(Spread to the lung). In the year 2023 she was treated for intestine cancer in Government college Trivandrum after which patient was on treatment in Mythra Hospital Calicut, during this time she developed again cancer with secondaries to the lung which needed further surgery. So the patient management was taken up in national cancer grid for discussion regarding further management which comprises of more than 250 hospitals across India. It was in the discussion decided that the young girl needs to undergo surgery to remove the cancer. Since it was a very complex and difficult surgery the patient party was asked to consult Tata Memorial Hospital or Dr. Jalaluddin Akbar in Mangalore. They preferred to come to Dr. Jalaluddin Akbar in Mangalore. Doctors then discussed case again in Zulekha Yenepoya Institute of Oncology tumor board. Then cancer surgery was decided to take place in Yenepoya Medical College Hospital due to advanced infrastructure. Surgery lasted 10 hours and all tumors removed from lung along with two ribs, which is in the highest so far removed in India. The surgery was successful and the child recovered in 9 days.

Surgical team comprised of Dr. Jalaluddin Akbar, Dr. Rohan Shetty, Dr. H T Amar Rao, Dr. Noor Mohammed under the able guidance of Dr. Vijayakumar M, Anesthesia team was headed by Dr. Thippeswamy, Dr. Sandesh from the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Adarsh from Department of Pulmonology, Dr. Vineeth Intensivist were all involved in the management of the patient for speedy recovery. 

Dr. Habib Rehman A A, Medical Superintendent of Yenepoya Medical College hospital were present in the press meet having said that Yenepoya Medical College Hospital and Zulekha Yenepoya Institute of Oncology performing these kind of rare surgery cases with help of fully advanced infrastructure and diagnostics services and facilities.

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