Maternal Mental Health Day

Jun 12, 2024

On June 12, 2024, the Unit of Clinical Psychology observed "Maternal Mental Health Day" with the intention of raising awareness about maternal mental health conditions both before and after delivery, in order to reduce stigma and promote support for mothers. Students from both bachelor's and master's programs prepared charts on various themes of maternal mental health, including stigma surrounding mental health, the role of fathers and partners in maternal mental health, support systems and resources, postpartum blues, and the stigma and impact of maternal employment on mental health. They displayed these charts in the Antenatal and Postnatal ward of the Department of Obstetrics &Gynaecology, Yenepoya Medical College Hospital, Derlakatte.

The program started at 2 pm. Some of the posters were displayed in the antenatal ward, and a few were taken around the postnatal ward by the students, who raised awareness among new mothers, their partners and guardians, doctors, nurses, and interns about improving maternal mental health. They also informed caregivers to support them and provided information about infectious diseases. This awareness program received positive feedback from the guardians, doctors, and nurses.

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