Report on Yentechmania

Apr 30, 2024

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Yenepoya Institute of Technology, located in the serene environs of Moodbidri, Mangalore, Karnataka, played host to the exhilarating two-day extravaganza, "YENTECHMANIA," a National Level Technical Fest, held on the 29th and 30th of April, 2024 in association with Cybernauts, Yit-Embedded Club and Computer Society of India. The fest aimed to foster a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and learning among budding technocrats from across the nation.

The event started with a spectacular inauguration graced by the presence of Mr.MirzadMakhdoom, founder and CEO of Tribe Academy and Mr.Ishan Sharma, Software Engineer on Hacker Rank as the guests of honor .The host of the ceremony, Ms.Mehnaz, 8th sem CSE, skilfully led the proceedings. Dr.Manjunath Kamath K, HOD of CSE department welcomed the gathering. Ms.Maimuna and Mr.Abhinav of CSE introduced the esteemed guests. Presidential Speech was given by Dr. R. G. D'Souza Principal, YIT. Campus Administrator Mr. Mohammad Shahid florally welcomed Mr.Ishan Sharma. Principal Dr. R G D'Souza florally welcomed Mr.MirzadMakhdoom.

The event lineup was as diverse as it was captivating, featuring a plethora of activities tailored to ignite the minds and push the boundaries of technological exploration. From insightful Tech Talks by industry stalwarts to hands-on ideation in Embers (IOT & Embedded Ideathon), the fest provided a platform for participants to delve into the realms of emerging technologies.

One of the highlights of the fest was the adrenaline-pumping Hackathon, where teams raced against time to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges. The air buzzed with creativity and fervor as participants brainstormed, coded, and debugged their way to groundbreaking prototypes. A total of 17 teams participated in this event.

ByteCode, the coding competition, tested the mettle of participants in algorithmic problemsolving, showcasing their prowess in coding under pressure. Meanwhile, Startup Pitch provided aspiring entrepreneurs with an opportunity to pitch their groundbreaking ideas to a panel of seasoned investors and industry experts.

The intellectual battleground of Tech Debate witnessed fiery discussions and thoughtprovoking arguments on contemporary technological issues, stimulating intellectual discourse among participants and spectators alike.

Creativity took center stage in the UX/UI Design Competition, where participants showcased their artistic flair and technical acumen in crafting user-centric design solutions. Robo Fusion, on the other hand, saw robotic marvels come to life, as teams competed in building and maneuvering their mechanized creations to conquer challenges.

For those with a penchant for cybersecurity, Catch The Flag presented a series of exhilarating challenges, testing participants' skills in penetration testing, cryptography, and network security.

With a lineup boasting over 11 diverse events and featuring 4+ renowned speakers, YENTECHMANIA 2024 also set the stage for networking and knowledge exchange. Participants had the opportunity to interact with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and forge meaningful connections that could shape their future endeavors.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized the valedictory ceremony of YenTechMania 2024 on 30th April 2024 in the YIT seminar hall at 3.30pm. The ceremony was graced by the Guests of honour Mr. Jacob Buchardt, Head of Corporate PMO, EG management and Mr.Jeevan D'Souza, HR-lead India, EGDK, Mangalore.

The prizes were distributed by the Mr. Jacob Buchardt to all the winners of various events. The total prize pool consist of Cash prize, Goodies, Vouchers from various companies which was worth 5 lakhs. The guest Mr. Jacob addressed the gathering and ignited the young minds of entire student community with a positive pinch. A total of more than 350 students participated in various events of YenTechMania on 29th and 30th 2024 with the feedback given by the external participants. The vote of thanks was delivered by Fest Co-ordinator Prof.Sleeba Mathew C.

In essence, YENTECHMANIA 2024 was not just a celebration of technology but a testament to the boundless creativity, ingenuity, and collaborative spirit that define the future of innovation. As the curtains drew to a close on this exhilarating journey, participants departed with cherished memories, newfound knowledge, and a renewed zeal to continue pushing the frontiers of technology. 

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