Mangalore Buzzes with the MiCON 2024 National Workshop: Microbes for a Sustainable Future

Jan 23, 2024

Over 30 enthusiastic participants from Karnataka and Kerala gathered today for the MiCON 2024 National Workshop, delving into the fascinating world of "Microbes for a Sustainable Future." Held from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Yenepoya University, the workshop proved to be a resounding success, igniting discussions and sparking ideas on harnessing the potential of microbes for a greener tomorrow.

The day unfolded with Dr. Rekka PD, Chairman of the Micon National Workshop and Director of the Yenepoya Research Center, setting the stage with an insightful inauguration address. She emphasized the pivotal role of microbes play in shaping our future, urging participants to explore innovative ways to leverage their power for sustainable solutions.

Following the inauguration, the workshop dived into its core objective: equipping participants with practical knowledge and hands-on skills. The morning session was Dr. Bhagwan Rekadwad, Associate Professor at Yenepoya Research Centre, masterfully guide participants through "Improving end-to-end microbiome data science qiime2." This session empowered participants to analyze and interpret microbial data, a crucial step in unlocking the secrets of the microbiome.

The afternoon unfolded with equally enriching sessions. Dr. Devarajan Thangadurai, Professor at Karnatak University, shed light on "collection, identification, and characterization of microalage," highlighting the crucial role these tiny organisms play in environmental health and resource production. Next, Ms. Suchithra KV, a PhD Scholar at Yenepoya Research Centre, delved into "Techniques involved in the isolation of bacteriophages," exploring the potential of these natural virus predators in combating antibiotic resistance.

The workshop concluded with Dr. Asif Hameed, Secretary of MiCON 2024, extending a heartfelt vote of thanks to the speakers and participants. He lauded the workshop's success in fostering knowledge exchange and igniting passion for microbial research, paving the way for a future where we work in harmony with these unseen allies.

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