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Department of Statistics


Department of Statistics established during May 2019. Academic program offered by the department is MSc Biostatistics. The department organised a series of lectures on advanced statistical methods used in health sciences. Department also works as Statistical Consultancy Centre for the University. 

About the Program

Department is offering  two years Master’s Program in Biostatistics  which is the kind of specialized course that excels students to pursue a career in applied statistics like data scientist, market research, pharmaceutical research, Bio-medical research, Industry and other research organizations.
Program aims to prepare the students with inter-disciplinary expertise through
•    Strong methodological foundations in Mathematical statistics and Applied statistics
•    Prepare the students to hold responsible and superior positions which use advanced statistical methodology
•    Specialized training in data management and analysis through statistical consultations
•    Competency to work in multiple programming environments (SPSS, R, STATA, G* Power)

Teaching Methodology

•    Theory courses are delivered through regular classroom teaching, seminars, tutorials, self directed learning, journal presentations and subsequent research orientation
•    Practical courses involve problem oriented learning with exposure to software and consultations
Course Structure
Regular classes are conducted for the first three semester and the last semester is exclusively devoted to project work with internship; opportunities in either pharmaceutical industry or academic institution for MSc Biostatistics.
Regular classes are conducted for all semesters and a compulsory project work in lien of one practical  course in the fourth semester for MSc Statistics.
Duration: Two-year Regular Programme (four Semesters)
Course Curriculum Pattern
Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

Scope of the Program

M. Sc. in Biostatistics

•    There has been a clearly increasing recognition of the contribution of Bio statistical expertise to an ever-expanding range of areas in medical, dental, genetic, and health science research. By developing new quantitative methods, characterizing underlying theory, and making innovative applications to scientific problems, Biostatisticians play a leading role in the advancement of biomedical, pharmaceutical and public health research. Demand for expertise in Biostatistics continues to be high in academia and in public and private sectors emphasizing health science research. There is a widely recognised shortage of graduates in Biostatistics relative to what appears to be a continually increasing demand for expertise in this area.


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