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Hostel rules and regulations

The rules and regulations mentioned below shall apply to all the boarders of Yenepoya University hostels for the maintenance of discipline and good conduct within and outside the hostel premises.



The campus of University is a Residential Campus. All the regular students admitted in the University shall be provided with the accommodation.

Students residing within ten kms radius are permitted to join as a day scholar.
On extreme compassionate ground the students are permitted to stay with their parents on rented accommodation after obtaining the permission as per the University norms.

Every boarder must acquaint himself/herself with the rules and regulations of the hostel and ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

During the long vacation/break the boarders will hand over the key of their rooms and wardrobe to the respective wardens of the hostel who in turn shall maintain a record of the same. Students before handing over the room key to hostel warden  will ensure that no valuable will be kept in their room and all other items will be kept under lock and key to facilitate to undertake any maintenance work  in the room during their absence.
All boarders of a room or hostel shall jointly and/or as a whole be responsible for any loss/damage of the property of the hostel. For any complaint, the boarder will report to the warden first.

In case of any outstanding dues payable by any boarder at the end of each semester, the Warden/Finance section may report it to the Deputy Controller of Examinations for withholding of his/her result until the outstanding dues are paid by the student.

If a student leaves the institute without clearing all the hostel dues, the Finance Section may recover the outstanding dues from his/her hostel security and institute caution deposit. If any amount still remains unrecovered, notices to his/her guardian shall be sent who will finally be responsible to clear all outstanding dues.

Hostel Management

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the University is responsible for the Overall management of the University Hostel . CAO allocates individual hostel responsibilities to the Student Welfare Officers (SWO) . The SWO manages the wardens and ensures that they function in accordance with the University norms and SWOs also are actively involved in the overall management of the students in each hostel . 

The SWO/Senior resident warden of the hostel allocates responsibility of individual floors to each warden . The respective  floor warden  shall appoint student representatives for their respective floor . 

Boarders are strictly prohibited to have in their possession at any time under any circumstances, the dangerous materials like rod hammer or any such item which can cause physical harm to any other persons, fire crackers, explosives, arms and weapons or any other items prohibited by law.

Boarders are expected to keep their room’s clean and tidy at all time. The bins kept at each floors shall be used for disposing the waste and no waste thrown on the corridors.

Senior wardens / Resident warden shall issue clearance certificate on vacating the room ,  only after confirming the rooms are cleaned and no damage has occurred to any of the hostel property.

Boarders shall not remove common room articles, dining hall utensils, furniture and other articles of the hostel from their normal place without the prior written permission of the hostel Warden/Senior Resident Warden.
Boarders on leaving their rooms shall always switch off the lights and fans. Student shall adhere to the policy of Yenepoya University campus ‘judicious utilization of natural resources’.

Boarders shall close the water taps before moving out of the room.

All residents are required to maintain standards of behaviour expected of students of a prestigious Institution such as ours. They are expected to behave courteously and fairly with everyone both inside and outside the campus.

All residents are required to carry their valid Identity Cards issued to them by the institute.
The rooms, common areas and surroundings should be kept clean and hygienic. Pasting anything on to the walls is prohibited and walls shall not be scribbled on.  Any damage in the room, Almirah, door or wall is a punishable offense.  Student occupying the room will be responsible for such damage and the cost of repair of such damages/defacing including panel deduction as decided by the appropriate authority will be imposed on them. The collective fine on students will be imposed to recover the cost of damage of common areas where the responsibility of damage cannot be pin pointed.

Use of PC for any other purpose except education is not allowed. Keeping of obscene material on computer and screening of movies/songs etc. is strictly forbidden. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.

In addition to these rules, boarders are also governed by the rules, orders, instructions etc. framed / issued by the competent authority from time to time.

Admission to Hostels:

Application for admission to hostels shall be submitted at the time of admission in the prescribed application form, duly filled in and signed by the student and countersigned by his / her local guardian and parent / guardian.

A student if admitted to a hostel must furnish a written declaration in the prescribed form duly signed by the student and his / her guardian to the effect that the student shall abide by the institute rules, hostel rules and code of conduct.

Senior Resident Warden/ Wardens will allot the hostel rooms at the time of admission.
No boarder is allowed to shift from his/her allotted room to any other room without written permission from the Resident Warden. The boarders are also not allowed to shift / exchange furniture and other assets from one room to another.

Rooms once allotted to the students for an academic year will normally not be changed, unless there is a convincing issue.


Withdrawal form Hostels:

Withdrawal from hosted on normal condition is not permitted. However on extreme compassionate ground the application for withdrawal from the hostel shall be countersigned by the father / mother / guardian and submitted to the Principal through the SWO and further it will be forwarded to the CAO for processing the approval from the Registrar.  After the approval of Registrar the boarders have to clear all hostel dues before vacating the hostel. In spite of the fact that the boarder has actually vacated his/her room, he/she shall have to pay all the hostel dues including fines, up to the day he/she continues to be on the roll i.e. until his/her name is formally withdrawn. The student will fill up the room survey form and get the room checked from the hostel supervisor for any damages.   


Medical Facilities:

In case of illness of a student shall inform Resident warden at the earliest so that medical help is provided at the earliest. The Warden/ SWOs shall inform the Medical Officer of the Institute for treatment and inform the local guardian. Any serious case will be intimated to the CAO by the SWO/warden immediately.
Medical facility as detailed below shall be available to all the boarders:

All cases of illness shall be reported to the hostel warden/ staff on duty who in turn shall inform the Resident Warden who will ensure required support is provided.  Information need to be passed on to the CAO and the parents if the situation is serious.

The medical officer at Yenepoya Medical College Hospital shall examine the cases at the OPD / casualty and take necessary line of treatment utilizing the available resources, free of cost. However, the cost of the medicine shall be paid by the boarder.

Cases of a boarder requiring hospitalization will be reported to the local guardian and his/her parents/guardians at respective home addresses. It shall be the duty of the local guardian / parent / guardian to take care of their wards. In case of emergency, such ailing boarder shall be shifted to his / her local (home town) hospital or to a hospital at any other place by the Institute, as per advice of the Institute Medical Officer, on the condition that the expenses shall be borne by the boarder / guardian.


Hostel Leave Rules:

For seeking leave from the hostel, the boarder must submit the application form supported with parent request. A boarder must obtain prior written permission from the competent authority before proceeding on leave. Students are required to obtain permission of their parents and concerned warden to speak to the parents. Students are required to get the signature of the local guardian/parents on the leave return form and submit the same to the warden/hostel office after their return.

Leave from the hostel up to three (3) consecutive days shall be granted by the SWO/mentor.

Leave from the hostel for more than three (3) consecutive days shall be granted by the Principal.  

( New rules to be applied) 

Absence from the hostel without prior permission from the principal & proper communication to Resident Warden/ warden is to be considered as an act of gross negligence and misconduct and would be liable for disciplinary action as per rules.


Normally, visitor(s) shall not be allowed to visit hostel rooms. However, in exceptional cases this may be relaxed by the Resident Warden. Under no circumstances gents will be allowed to enter in the Girls hostel and ladies in the Boys hostel.
Visitors should be received in the Visitors’ room (Hostel duty room in the absence of a visitor’s room) only.
Any visitor entering the hostel gate should put his / her signature and enter relevant particulars in the columns in the Visitor’s Register kept for the purpose at the hostel entrance.

Night Roll call – Hostel Timings.

A boarder has to return to his/ her hostel latest by 6:30 P.M. for Girls and 9:30 P.M. for Boys. Students should strictly abide to the hostel timings.

Attendance will be taken at 7:30 for girls and 10:00 P.M. for boys by the Hostel staff. It is compulsory for each boarder to be present personally at the time of attendance.

Boarders are not allowed to leave the hostel after 6:30 P.M. for Girls and 9:30 P.M. for Boys. Absence during night roll call will be considered as absence without permission and will be liable for disciplinary action.

The following acts of indiscipline are strictly prohibited:

  • Ragging in any form in hostels or in the Institute campus.
  • Possessing or consuming abusive substance including alcohol, tobacco products/ any recreational drugs are strictly prohibited. Violation of this will be considered with utmost seriousness and will attract serious punishment/ action.
  • Keeping of medicines, drugs without doctor’s prescription, drinking alcoholic beverages or using any other narcotic drugs and intoxicant of any kind inside as well as outside the Institute campus. Smoking inside the hostel and on the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Committing insubordination or showing disrespect to the authority.
  • Absence from hostel and classes without permission from the Warden and Head of the Department
  • Picking up quarrel or altercation with fellow boarders and employees of the hostel. Use of foul language or indulging in any unruly or indecent behavior. Involvement in any kind of regional, ethnic, religious grouping inside the campus to create disturbance.
  • Participating in or promoting any disruptive activity in the campus.
  • Making false official statement to any Institute/ university official, faculty or staff and altering Institute records.
  • Misuse of and/or damage caused to library books, journals and computer facilities.
  • Tampering with existing electrical fittings/systems.
  • Unauthorized possession of any property belonging to the Institute, hostel or any other individual.
  • Fraudulent use of Student Identity Card.
  • Organizing any meeting, function etc. in the hostel without prior permission from the Warden.
  • Any other acts which in the opinion of the Hostel Supervisor/Warden are detrimental to the interest of other boarders as well as to the Institute.
  • All kinds of shouting, hooting, violent knocking or any other act, movement or behaviours which are likely to cause disturbance or annoyance to others.
  • Maltreating or abusing the hostel employees, canteen staff and others including outsiders, students, teachers and other Institute employees.
  • Cooking inside the room.
  • Use of electric heaters, electric rod, electric stove and other similar electrical appliances in the room.
  • Any form of gambling inside or outside the campus.
  • Keeping fire arms, weapons etc. in the hostel.
  • Damaging, misusing and stealing of any hostel properties or stealing others’ belongings.
  • Boarders staying outside overnight without prior permission from the Warden.
  • Entry and hosting of outsiders in the Hostel without permission of the Warden.
  • Absence of boarders from the hostel after the stipulated time as fixed by the authority.
  • Cyber-crime: Involvement in use of any kind of media including compute, mobile etc. for sending videos, text or e-mail etc. to girl students.
  • Defacing of walls, damage to windows and other fittings inside the hostel and campus premises.
  • Any form of Public Display of Affection (PDA) inside or outside the institute campus.


Collective Responsibilities:

  • General damage to the hostel property will be the collective responsibility of all the Residents and they will be required to make good such damage, if the students who caused the damage could not be identified.
  • Residents should not indulge in practices / activities, which may endanger their own personal safety as well as others.
  • Residents will be personally responsible for the safety of their belongings.
  • Residents are required to obey all traffic rules inside the campus.
  • Residents are duty bound to report to the Senior Resident Warden/ SWO’s /CAO in case they notice any unwanted incident or undesirable activity going on in the hostel or on the campus.
  • Use of two wheeler/four wheeler by students in the campus is strictly prohibited. The vehicle will be impounded and disciplinary action will be taken against the student who is found to be using and owning any kind of a vehicle. Residents violating this rule are liable for punishment.
  • Students should not arrange any functions or meeting within the hostel or outside or within the Institute campus without specific permission of the concerned authorities.
  • Students should not arrange for any picnic outside without specific permission of the SWO’s /CAO.
  • Residents are required to be conscious of the environment in which they live by keeping it clean, healthy and presentable. Students should not throw litter indiscriminately and should not use non-bio-degradable items, such as carry bags.
  • The residents of the hostel are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal belongings. They are advised to keep under lock all valuable items such as Laptop, Mobile Phone, etc. and lock the room even when they are out for a short period.
  • Any case of theft should be reported promptly to the Campus Security Officer/CAO.
  • The jurisdiction of Yenepoya University is confined to the campus. If students create law and order problems outside the campus, they are answerable to the police.
  • In/Out registers must be filled at the main gate in while leaving the hostel for academic or private purpose failing which absentee will be marked and disciplinary action initiated against defaulter(s).


Breach of Discpline in hostel and punishment:

Boarders must follow the discipline as prescribed in the manual. Violations of the same by any boarder will attract the following punishments:

Offenders of minor nature will be warned and appropriate fine will be imposed. Such punishment can be awarded on the spot by Wardens/CAO.

Major offences will lead to investigation by the Institute Disciplinary committee and punishment such as suspension and rustication may be awarded based on the gravity of offence.

Students Discplinary Committee:


The composition of the committee will be decided by the Vice Chancellor of the Yenepoya University as per the gravity of the offence and will be notified in the office Order.

Record of Punishment:

If a student is found guilty of violating the rules and regulations of the Institute/Hostel or any acts of indiscipline or misbehavior by the Disciplinary Committee following actions will be taken:

  • All strictures/ warnings will be put in his personal files.
  • If any punishment has been awarded by the disciplinary committee, the concern student will be debarred from holding any student counsel or other student appointments.
  • If a student is punished by the Disciplinary committee thrice, including warnings, same will be reflected in his Character Certificate.


Suspension / Expulsion:

Suspension is the temporary removal of a student from the rolls of the Institute as a punishment for indiscipline.

The minimum period of rustication shall be one semester in addition to the remaining period of the semester during which the order is passed.

Expulsion is the permanent removal from the Institute /Hostel.

An expelled student shall not be permitted to get fresh admission to the Institute.


Procedure for Suspension / Expulsion from the Institute University:

Before a student is rusticated / expelled the following procedure shall be observed:

  • On receipt of the complaint against the conduct of student, the SWO’s/CAO shall enquire into the matter within 2(two) days of receipt of the complaint and place it before the Disciplinary Committee not later than 3 (three) days from the date of receipt. If the Disciplinary Committee is satisfied that there is a prima-facie case for rustication/expulsion of the student, the student shall be allowed to explain in writing about the allegations against him/her or appear before the Disciplinary Committee to show-cause why he/she should not be rusticated/expelled.
  • The concerned student shall have to submit his/her explanation within 24 hours (one) day from the date of issue of the intimation by the Dean Student Affairs.
  • After receiving the explanation(s) or hearing in person, the Disciplinary Committee shall examine the case.
  • If at this stage the Disciplinary Committee is convinced that it is a fit case for rustication/expulsion, the Disciplinary Committee shall forward the recommendation for consideration and approval of the Vice Chancellor.


Other Provisions relating to Suspension / Expulsion:

  • The date of rustication/expulsion: It shall be the date on which the order is issued by the Registrar, Yenepoya University.
  •  Any disciplinary action taken against a student shall be intimated to the parent or guardian/Teacher Guardian of the student. The record of disciplinary action shall be mentioned in the files of the concerned student.

Special Powers of the Vice Chancellor:

Not-withstanding anything contained in these Rules, the Vice Chancellor shall have the authority to institute an enquiry against any student (s) regarding his / her misconduct and shall execute appropriate disciplinary actions.

Students may appeal to the grievance redress committee for redress of punishment, which then have to be approved by the Director.


The Hostel Mess

All boarders of the hostel shall automatically be members of the respective hostel mess.
Joining the mess is mandatory for all boarders.

No student other than the boarders of the respective hostel will be allowed to take food as guest. In case of emergency written permission has to be obtained from the Warden.

The dining hall shall remain open as per the timetable determined by the Mess Committee.
Meals and refreshments shall be served in the dining hall of the hostel during the scheduled hours as notified from time to time. No meal or refreshments shall be served to boarders outside the dining hall except with the permission of Warden in case of illness.

In addition to these rules, the Mess Committee shall frame their own rules and regulations for proper management of the mess from time to time.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Duties and responsibilities of various appointments of the hostel are as under:

Student Welfare Officer

  • SWO  is expected to make surprise visits to the hostels on regular basis.
  • He/she will call for wardens meeting twice in a month on the day as fixed by the Institute.
  • SWO is expected to make surprise visits to Mess and Cooking area.
  • As and when Disciplinary cases are reported by Wardens, the same must be reported to CAO so that speedy action can be taken.
  • The responsibility of sanctioning leave to Hostel Wardens  and Hostel Attenders lies with SWO.
  • SWO has the responsibility of counseling students, under the recommendations of Wardens.
  • SWO holds the right to get the movement registers of students at the main gate as and when required.
  • Any other duties that may be delegated by the higher authorities regarding hostel affairs from time to time.
  • Whenever SWO proceeds on leave, his duties will be performed by the Senior Resident Warden.


Senior Resident Wardens

  • Senior Resident Wardens have overall responsibility of their respective hostels. They will be assisted by Resident wardens & junior wardens.
  • Senior Resident Wardens are expected to make surprise visits at nights to the rooms of the students. They are expected to interact with students as much as possible so that the students have confidence and faith in the hostel authorities.
  • They are expected to conduct meeting with Floor Representative of their hostel at least once in a month and should submit a report to the SWO/CAO without fail.
  • Senior Resident Wardens will ensure that discipline is maintained in their hostels. For this they will assisted by Resident Warden/Attendants. All the cases of indiscipline/misconduct/abnormal behaviour will be reported to the wardens who will in turn take necessary action in consultation with SWO/CAO, if required.
  • Whenever Senior Resident Wardens go on leave, information regarding the same must be given to SWO.
  • Senior Resident Wardens have the responsibility of counselling students involved in cases of indiscipline, misconduct and abnormal behaviour. In case they feel that they cannot handle the situation, they may refer such cases to SWO/CAO.
  • Any other duties that may be delegated by the higher authorities regarding hostel affairs from time to time.

 Resident Wardens

  • To assist the SWO & Senior Resident Warden as and when required and work under their supervision.
  • Taking attendance of students at night at the prescribed timings.
  • To inform the Senior resident warden if any article is found damaged or any hostel facility is being misused and to rectify the same.
  • To inform the Senior Resident Warden without delay, of any sickness of students, undesirable misconduct or behaviour, any matter of serious concern like ragging, physical assault etc. In case if a student is required to be taken to CRH, one attender shall accompany the student.
  • Taking attendance at night at the prescribed timings for boy’s Hostel at 10pm and for the Girl’s Hostel at 6.30pm.
  • To intimate the concerned authorities including maintenance section regarding students complaints and follow up of the same.
  • Daily report to the SWO/CAO regarding hostel matters.
  • Any other duties that may be delegated by the higher authorities regarding hostel affairs from time to time.
  • Forward the daily report to SWO/CAO for perusal.

House Keeping

  • To get the hostels rooms and hostel premises cleaned including the toilets.
  • To inform the Senior Resident Warden if any article is found damaged or any hostel facility is being misused and to rectify the same.  
  • Any other duties that may be delegated by the higher authorities regarding hostel affairs from time to time.

Mess Supervisor

  • To ensure cleanliness and quality of food as per menu during preparation/cooking for the following:-
  • To supervise smooth distribution of food during breakfast, lunch & dinner timings.
  • To ensure that there is no shortage of food and all students are provided with sufficient food during all services.
  • Check cleanliness of Cook House, Dining Hall, Canteen, Stores, Deep Freeze and utensils.
  • Hygiene and sanitation of mess staff/canteen staff and surrounding areas.
  • Checking of dress and personal hygiene of mess/canteen staff.
  • To maintain discipline of mess staff and the students in the mess premises/dining hall.
  • Repair/maintenance of mess including electric fitting.
  • Maintenance/cleaning of aqua guard installed in the mess


SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure)

  • Attempted cases of suicide/Health emergency
  • Call the casualty for an ambulance (The casualty section should provide the ambulance service, immediately after the request is registered)
  • Inform SWO and CAO
  • Inform the parents
  • Speak to the attending doctor on duty.

Alleged Missing Students:

  • Inform SWO and CAO
  • Inform the parents/ Principal/ Registrar/ VC
  • File a FIR with the consent of the parents & the management/VC


Fights in the Hostel:

  • Inform the SWO and CAO
  • Inform the Principal

Note to the Parents:
Kindly provide the mobile numbers to communicate to you at times of emergency and if there is any change of the same please intimate us as soon as possible.


It is mandatory for every student of Yenepoya University to read this manual and follow it.  Also advisable for the parents of students to go through it.

The above instructions laydown the procedures to be followed for hostel management. These should be reviewed and updated keeping in mind the changing scenario.

Email Id’s of University Officers for Hostel related matters: 

Chief Administrative Officer (Lt Col Pankajakshan K) –

Deralakatte campus : 

Student Welfare Officer (MS OBEIDA SHOUKATH) -
Student Welfare Officer (MS SUNITA P PRABHU) -

Balmatta campus :

Student Welfare Officer (MS DEEPIKA) -
Student Welfare Officer (MR RICHARD THOMAS) -
Hostel Superintendent(MR UNNIKRISHNAN V)

Mudipu campus :

Student Welfare Officer (MS SARALA PANKAJAKSHAN) -

AYUSH campus : 

Student Welfare Officer (MS BINDHU ALEXANDER) -


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