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Consistent with the mission of Yenepoya University, the Department of Physical Education operates a broad-based program of sports and physical activities that reflect to the extent possible the interest of the student body, the ethical principles of the University and the desires of its internal and external constituents. In carrying out its mission, the following principles shall apply: 

  • Leadership of the Department will be visionary, decisive, motivating and participatory. 
  • The Department will promote the health, safety and well-being of each participant.
  • Programs will maximize involvement of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University while recognizing and promoting the enhancement of diversity within the Department
  • Sports programs will promote the highest standards in areas of academic and athletic    achievement, personal growth and citizenship 
  • Recreational programs will enrich the student experience and contribute to the quality of life   throughout the campus and local community 
  • The Department will foster the highest level of interuniversity/ collegiate athletic competition and compete nationally in selected sports



Winning medals in all India levels, improve health, fitness, and quality of life through daily physical activity.

Aim and Objectives

Offer opportunities to ensure that physical activity and fitness become part of regular healthy behavioural patterns. Encouraging any type or amount of physical activity in leisure time can provide important health benefits, compared to a sedentary lifestyle. Activities that promote strength and flexibility are important because they may protect against disability, enhance functional independence, and encourage regular physical activity participation. These benefits are particularly important—a good quality of life means being functionally independent and being able to perform the activities of daily living.
Young people are at particular risk for becoming sedentary as they grow older. Therefore, encouraging moderate and vigorous physical activity among adults is important. Because they spend most of their time in studies, the type and amount of physical activity encouraged in colleges are important components of a fitness program and a healthy lifestyle.

HOD & Staff's of the Department

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Faculties of the Department

Sl.No Name Designation
1 Ms. Shilpashree. S Asst. Physical Director
2 Mr. Biby Thomas. M Football Coach
3 Mr.Sasikumaran Nair Basketball Coach
4 Mr.Ramakrishna Gym Trainee
5 Mr. Mohan Gym Instructor
6 Mr. Mohamed Ashraf Attender


Yendurance Zone  Sports Complex:

Built-up area @ 24336.22 sq.ft upper play area
Built-up area @ 12328.12 sq.ft. lower level
Idea of Indoor sports to give the people a healthy professionally managed environment to enjoy playing throughout the year.  In Indoor Games it hardly matters if a person is young or old or a serious high grade player.  For beginners it is the best way to start learning a game as the stadium is often packed with activity.

1.    A multipurpose hall 

Indoor Games
Standard Basketball court 1
Shuttle Badminton court 4
Volleyball court 1
Table Tennis tables 3
Standard Squash Court 1
Carrom    10 tables
Chess 10
Foosball 2
Yoga & Aerobic hall 1


2.Air conditioned Multi Gymnasium – fitness center (separate for boys and girls)

  • Sophisticated imported gym equipment’s
  • Swiss ball
  • Standard free weights

3.Mini theatre  with 140 seats (separate for boys and girls)
with Digital sound system 

Further we are providing indoor stadium facilities to the staff and students Yenepoya university in the following timings. Morning: 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. and evening 3.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m., approximately 200 students are utilizing the indoor sports complex daily and the department staff are there for guidance.

Outdoor Sports Complex: 

  • International Standard Grass Soccer Ground
  • 200 meter track
  • Cricket play field and cricket practicing net- 2 
  • Handball playing area
  • 2 standard basketball court (Boys hostel & Ladies hostel)
  • Throw ball court - 1
  • volleyball court (Boys hostel & Ladies hostel and Nearby soccer ground)- 1 each



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Air Conditioned Multy Fitness Centre

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Yoga Class

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Foose Ball,Chess & Caroms

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Kabadi Court & Throw Ball Court












Cricket Field 

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Promotion of sports in the University


Every year best sports man and sports women is selected by the sports committee members and award a medal and certificate.
1.    D.A to the students

For a local tournament Rs. 150 /- and outside of Mangalore Rs. 250 /- is given to each student representing University for any Inter collegiate sports and games participation.

2.    Traveling Allowance / facilities

University bus (inside Mangalore) / Volvo bus fare / 3 AC train fare provided to the students for any inter collegiate or Inter University sports participation

3.    Sports kit 

Sports kit provided to the students (shorts, track pant, T-shirt and Jersey) to represent University or any inter collegiate / Inter University sports participation

4.    Special coaching for the students 

Inviting NIS qualified coaches or National player cum coach for giving minimum of 15 days special coaching before participating in any Inter collegiate or Inter University sports competition in selected events – 

5.    Attendance Benefit

Students are given the attendance when they represent the University for any Sports Related Activities.

6.    Inviting National Referees

Department invites national standard referees to conduct any Inter collegiate tournament conducted by the University.  It helps to improve the standard of sports and games and smooth conducting of the tournaments.

7.    Sports Committee Members

There is a sports committee including staff and students, meeting twice in a year for promoting sports activities in the campus.


Yenepoya University Sports Committee members

1 Assistant Registrar Chairman
2 Mr. Mohammed Bawa, Finance Officer Invitee
3 Deans – YMC, YDC, YPC & YNC Member
4 Dr. Anupama Rao, Reader- Yenepoya Dental college Member
5 Dr. Ashwini Shetty, Asst. Prof- Yenepoya Medical college Member
6 Mr. Sheik Rasheed, Lecturer – Yenepoya Physiotherapy college Member
7 Mr. Syed Imran, Lecturer – Yenepoya Nursing college Member
8 Mr. Amar Lobo- Yenepoya Medical College Member
9 Dr.Joby E.C- Yenepoya Degree College Member
10 Mr..Mohammed Asif Iqbal. YPCRP Member
11 Mrs.Shilpshree- Asst.Physical Director Member
12 Mr. Biby Thomas – Football coach Member
13 Mr. Sasikumaran Nair – Basketball Member
14 Mr.Sujith Kumar Member

8.    Inter collegiate activities:

Department conducts various inter collegiate activities like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton and Throw ball inter collegiate tournaments and inviting colleges from various parts. 

9.    Inter class activities

Department conducts various inter class activities for students and staff 

10.    Sports Quota seats 

Yenepoya University had given free seats for those who excel in sports. Yenepoya University had charted out certain criteria for the selection of students .From the year 2010 till the present year the university has given free seats for 71 students to study their courses.

11.    Achievements

Many students represented Yenepoya University for South Zone and All India Inter University and Senior & Junior level Competitions in Football & Basketball. We are champions in many events & many of them awarded as the best player of the University.

The below mentioned football players who played for the University had represented THE KARNATAKA STATE FOOTBALL team in the Senior Level Santhosh Trophy.


Karnataka Senior State for All India Santosh Trophy Football Tournaments

















Football Team

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Men Volleyball Team

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Basketball Team

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Men & Women Cricket Team

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