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E-Learning Center

The E-Learning centre was established in the year 2011. Yengage the E-Learning portal for Yenepoya University was setup by the Information Technology Section to support ICT based learning for students of Yenepoya University. This is an online service which facilitates the students, staff, tutors and management, a friendly and interactive environment, which will enable better learning by providing study information and learning content anytime anywhere.

E-learning exploits interactive technologies and communication systems to improve the learning experience. It has the potential to transform the way we teach and learn across the board. It can raise standards, and widen participation in lifelong learning. It cannot replace teachers and lecturers, but alongside existing methods it can enhance the quality and reach of their teaching, and reduce the time spent on administration. It can enable every learner to achieve his or her potential, and help to build an educational workforce empowered to change. It makes possible a truly ambitious education system for a future learning society. E-learning also help improving the learning skills and making our students more competent to live in this information driven age.

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YENGAGE is an official E-Learning portal for Yenepoya University.

At our university dedicated course content area is provided for easy access based on the year, course and department. Registered students get secure and free access to course. Faculty authors the content and keeps the course content and presentations ready before the class session is conducted. Students can access this content later from home and hostels. At the end of day the faculty would post one or more questions based on current day’s class topic. Students would reply to these questions in an online forum which is evaluated by the faculty before the next class session. As the topics are completed, an online test is conducted in a dedicated ‘E-Learning center’ where all students would answer the test and real time evaluation and result posting is done by the system. Assignment submissions and links to external resources such as useful content posted by other universities and online steaming of video are provided. Currently I, II & III MBBS and BDS courses utilizing Yengage (e-learning) .  PhD and Center for Ethics programs currently making full use of e-learning platform.

Yengage programme highlights

  • Course Content: Upload and manage the course content in any file format.
  • Groups: Make and manage multiple groups within the groups or course.
  • Forums: Ask and answer for questions, publish ideas, get peer opinion and feedback. Discuss on topics covered in class room.
  • Manage Media: Share media between members. Build your own media pool or a digital library.
  • Online Tests: Create and participate in online tests, get evaluated automatically and post results.
  • Feedback Forms: Create and participate in online surveys and feedbacks. Get automated feedback results during seminars, class room sessions.
  • Online Calendar: Manage your personal and course calendar. Synchronize course calendar from multiple departments you are part of. Synchronize Yengage calendar with your personal email calendar.

Currently e-learning center caters to about 2000 students online.

    EMR(Electronic Medical Record) Training.

E-learning center undertakes on job training on usage of Electronic Medical Record keeping which is essential part of any medical hospital abroad. The EMR modules also becoming an important and required feature in Indian hospital environments too. So e-learning center at Yenepoya University started the training on EMR modules for our medical interns and the post graduates as an add-on course.

Yenepoya University received a National Award (‘Certificate of Excellence’ by e-INDIA Awards) for the innovative training programme on HIMS. 

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