Centre for Physical Education

Consistent with the mission of Yenepoya University, the Department of Physical Education operates a broad-based program of sports and physical activities that reflect the extent possible the interest of the student body, the ethical principles of the University and the desires of its internal and external constituents. In carrying out its mission, the following principles shall apply:

  • The leadership of the Department will be visionary, decisive, motivating and participatory.
  • The Department will promote the health, safety and well-being of each participant.
  • Programs will maximise involvement of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University while recognising and promoting the enhancement of diversity within the Department
  • Sports programs will promote the highest standards in areas of academic and athletic  achievement, personal growth and citizenship
  • Recreational programs will enrich the student experience and contribute to the quality of life   throughout the campus and local community
  • The Department will foster the highest level of inter-university/collegiate athletic competition and compete nationally in selected sports


Winning medals in all India levels, improve health, fitness, and quality of life through daily physical activity.

Aim and Objectives

Offer opportunities to ensure that physical activity and fitness become part of regular healthy behavioural patterns. Encouraging any type or amount of physical activity in leisure time can provide important health benefits, compared to a sedentary lifestyle. Activities that promote strength and flexibility are essential because they may protect against disability, enhance functional independence, and encourage regular physical activity participation. These benefits are particularly important—a good quality of life means being functionally independent and being able to perform the activities of daily living. Young people are at particular risk for becoming sedentary as they grow older. Therefore, encouraging moderate and vigorous physical activity among adults is important. Because they spend most of their time in studies, the type and amount of physical activity encouraged in colleges are essential components of a fitness program and a healthy lifestyle.

The Sports facilities available in the campus Yenepoya University has adequate facilities for sports and games within the campus, which can be utilized during the corresponding timings for each facility.

  • A multipurpose hall : The indoor facility also has a viewing gallery of 550 seats. The indoor auditorium encompasses a total of 24,336.22sq ft for the upper play area and 12,328.12 sq ft for the lower play area. The indoor facility was inaugurated by Mr Dilip Mendis, former Sri Lankan cricket team captain and Mr Aravind, who is an international shuttle badminton player on 19th February 2011.
  • Standard Basketball Court: The basketball court is an International Standard Court made out of Tera flex with a hydraulic basketball post with an acrylic ball board.
  • Shuttle Badminton Court: The shuttle badminton court is an international standard court made out of Tera flex with movable posts.
  • Volleyball Court : The volleyball court is also an international standard court made out of Tera flex, with removable and adjustable posts based on the playing categories (men and women).
  • Table Tennis
  • Squash Court: The squash court with a wooden surface with a viewing gallery of 50 seats.
  • Board Games
  • Air Conditioned Fitness Centre: The state of the art gym facility for the students with sophisticated imported gym equipment, Swiss medicine balls, and standard free weights.
  • Mini Theatre : The air-conditioned mini-theatre facility with 128 cushioned seats, a digital playback system which can be used to watch sports/any other activities, on student demand.

The Outdoor Facilities: International Standard Grass Soccer Ground Our Soccer ground was inaugurated by Mr Mohammed Rafi, former Indian national Football team player, on the 16th of May 2011. The viewing gallery that can accommodate a large number of audience. The soccer ground is also alternatively used for hosting cricket matches as
well as the Annual University Athletic meet.

  • Cricket Practice Nets & Stadium
  • Kabaddi Court & Throw Ball Court
  • Cricket Field
  • Athletic Stadium
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